Hi, my name is

Jason Zheng.

I build applications.

I'm a computer science student, based in New York, NY, studying to become a software engineer. I am interested in new opportunities to grow in my career, as well as freelance opportunities.

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About Me

I am a fourth year computer science student at Stony Brook University. My past experience has allowed me to develop important skills that will allow me to thrive and adapt in different work environments.

I'm currently working on expanding my knowledge in both web and mobile development. My goal is to build products that will help give businesses a competitive edge over their competitors in their operations.

Some of my passions outside programming include helping others. Growing up as a first generation college student while having a financial disadvantage, I've rarely had a professional mentor that was experienced in my specific field. I want to be that mentor for the future generations.






ChowTime is an iOS app that allows users to browse their favorite recipes and keep track of their daily intakes via a Meal Planner. Recipe and meal data are provided by Spoonacular API

  • Swift
Yummy House Landing Page

Restaurant Landing Page

A fully responsive business landing page made for a chinese restaurant. In this age, having a landing page for your business is important. After deploying this site along with some Google maps auditing, this business saw an increase in revenue.

  • html
  • css
  • javascript
Task App Page

Task Tracker

A full stack application that allows you to keep track of your tasks. Your tasks are stored on a database and the tasks syncs in real time with the backend. Task can be filtered by completion and sorted by creation date

  • node.js
  • mongodb
  • express


The Coder School

Coaching Coach

Designed and implemented code cirriculum in Scratch and Python for over 20 individuals. Conducted training sessions while maintaining a fun and positive environment through fun and interactive projects. Assessed student's progress through assessments and coding projects, providing feedback and motivation to struggling students

  • Mar 2023 - Present

UnitedHealth Group Optum

Software Engineer Intern

Developed 6 micro services for company’s internal Enterprise ID Card software serving millions of members using Java Spring Boot, deployed on Jenkins CI/CD, scaled with Kubernetes and Apache Kafka for communication. Worked with agile methodology daily to identify any risks, potential roadblocks, collaboration items and user story requirements

  • Jun 2022 - Aug 2022


IT Support Intern

Provided technological support for faculties and staffs at one of the most populated school in NYCDOE school system, performed diagnostics on all help desk support tickets received including network and printer issues. Assisted in the organization of Francis Lewis High School's first successful hackathon, LewHacks, with sponsors from Google, Intel, and Microsoft

  • Jun 2016 - Jun 2018

Technical Communication

Web Server Instruction

Web Server Tutorial

Developed a well structured documentation on setting up an Apache HTTP web server for beginners. Covered topics included Firewall and verifying the HTTP server is up and runnning.

Stony Brook Press Release

SBU Parking Press Release

Composed a press release for the implementation of a new parking system and structure at Stony Brook University. Created statistical infographics to highlight the enhancments of the new incoming system.

Collaborative Problem Solving Presentation

Collaborative Problem Solving

Collaborated as a group of 5 to identify problems within Stony Brook University's CS cirriculum. Through hours of research and data collection through surveys, we presented a solution to class of 30+ students.

Get In Touch

I am currently looking for new opportunities to enhance my skills. I believe the industry where I would have the most potential for growth is in the technology and financial industry. Feel free to leave a message below and I'll get back to you ASAP. I can also be reached at jaszheng2001@gmail.com